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The Waterloo Village Republican Committee

 The Waterloo Village Republican Committee has endorsed Walter Bennett to be the Republican candidate for Mayor of the Village ...
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Interested in running for elected office in Waterloo?

Interested in running for elected office?

The Village of Waterloo will be holding its election for ...
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Republican Policies and Platforms

We are focused on a better Seneca County and a strong growing prosperous Seneca County. Our positions have been ...
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Republican Platform for Seneca County

  • Defending our Nation
  • Reforming Government to Serve the People
  • Appointing Constitutionalist Judges
  • Preserving our Values
  • Upholding the Constitutional Right to Keep/Bear Arms
  • Upholding Equal ...
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Lawn Signs

Thanks for stopping in! We have lawn signs for several candidates. If you’re interested in what the local republican party ...
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Seneca County Republicans

Defending our Nation Supporting our Heroes Reforming government to serve people Maintaining the sanctity and dignity of human life Protecting ...
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