Republican Policies and Platforms

We are focused on a better Seneca County and a strong growing prosperous Seneca County.   Our positions have been and are being a Business Friendly Community and Republicans support this policy.  With these trying times and such a great loss of revenue for so many it’s even more important now than ever to remain strong, united and forge ahead. We as Republicans need to be supportive of new businesses and help all businesses survive. For so long Seneca County has relied on Tourism as a major source of income for many families and businesses. With the devastation of Covid threats it has reduced local tourism by three quarters. This is why we have to fight to keep present and operating businesses intact and operating. We can’t afford, nor do we want layoffs or businesses closing.  We have been dealing with the Covid Pandemic and our present Board of Supervisors have been trying to work through this. They have created a Covid  Task force and meet regularly on issues with this pandemic. There are different opinions on what to do, or how to do it, but they’re working on it. Republicans agreeing to disagree on these items is not all a bad thing. Everyone is working for the same goal and that’s to keep our community safe and try and slow this pandemic and return to normal as soon as possible. We all hear so many different comments and what’s happening but so much is half truths and not how things happen.

When we select candidates we need to make sure they have our goals for a bigger and better economy in Seneca County. We can’t allow the left wing liberals’ to destroy our future and economy over their personal agenda. We actually have people of the other party affiliation serving and running on present boards that have made it clear they only have one thing in mind and that is to close a business who is one of our major employers and contributors for local community organizations . 

It’s important to help keep our community safe and strong and fight side by side, elbow to elbow to achieve our goals. We want to be known throughout the state that Seneca County is open for business and we welcome you.  

Thank you and we’re all part of this movement of Business Friendly in Seneca County.

Tom Fox, Chairman, Seneca County Republican Committee

Republican Platform for Seneca County

  • Defending our Nation
  • Reforming Government to Serve the People
  • Appointing Constitutionalist Judges
  • Preserving our Values
  • Upholding the Constitutional Right to Keep/Bear Arms
  • Upholding Equal treatment for All (i.e. sex, race, age, religion, creed, disability or national origin)
  • Protecting our National Symbols
  • Freedom of Speech and of the Press
  • Maintaining the Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life
  • Preserving Traditional Marriage
  • Safeguarding Religious Liberties (Student Lead Prayer in Schools)
  • Preserving Americans’ Property Rights

Seneca County Republicans

Defending our Nation
Supporting our Heroes
Reforming government to serve people
Maintaining the sanctity and dignity of human life
Protecting our second amendment rights
Safeguarding religious liberties
Defending our rights to own and enjoy our property

….these are a few of our core values.

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