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No vote = No voice

The first and most important way to get involved is to vote. Please make a commitment to get to the polls or get your absentee ballots.

Getting Involved

Many people are simply frustrated with the way things are going in our Nation. Our government seems to listening less than ever. Laws get passed everyday, sometimes under the radar, that effect each us very profoundly. Meanwhile, campaigns get nastier and nastier and fewer and fewer good people want to get involved.

But you are here anyway. You went to this page of our website because getting involved is the still the only way to make things better. Americans like us are stubborn. We believe that the despite the way things ‘are’, we can always make them better. Democracy has always bred this kind of hopeful notion.

You may not have any experience or know what steps to take, but we can help!

Please contact us if you are willing and able to help. Involvement can range from a simple donation to help keep us up and running, running for a seat on our committee or running for office.

Be a part of a rich and rewarding experience: get involved and work with passionate local people, like you, and help make a positive difference.

Seneca County GOP

Areas of Interest

Candidates need your help in the upcoming elections.

  • Voter Canvassing and Door 2 Door
  • Literature drops
  • Phone Banks — Help to Get Out Our Vote
  • Yard sign placement
  • General efforts to help get the BEST Candidates elected!

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