Save the Date!

Save the date of October 18th Tues evening from 6 – 8 pm at the 

Seneca Falls Country Club to meet and say hello to our Congressional 

Candidate Congresswomen Claudia Tenny and our new State Senator

Tom Omarah who will be taking over Seneca County in place of Senator 

Helming. Also Supreme Court Judges in 7th district. We have also invited 

and are waiting to hear on Governor Candidate Lee Zeldin and US Senate 

candidate Joe Pinion and Lt. Governor . We are just putting this together and 

more information will be forth coming. Just want all to know and save the date. 

Committee persons Sandy Ferrara, Tina Lotz and Sueann Fisher will be working

on details of attendance, food and setting. 

This will give our people and others a opportunity to meet these present

and pending legislators to say hello and ask questions. 

We want a good turn out to help show the Red Wave is on the move and 

the motivation is in full swing.

More info on guest to follow 

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